Valmont launched ‘Essence of Bees,’ the newest introduction from their most prestigious skincare range, l’Elixir des Glaciers at The Peninsula Hotel rooftop, Salon de Ning. Valmont Cosmetics CEO, Sophie Guillon flew in from Switzerland to host the event that welcomed 45 journalists from North America. Andrew Coté, fourth generation beekeeper and owner of Andrew’s Honey brought a live beehive to the event and spoke about the importance of honeybees, how he is helping to save them and preserve their environment. For the first time ever, Valmont combines honey, propolis and royal jelly directly from the beehive into an ultra-luxurious patented formula. Honey is a powerful moisturizer and skin repairer while propolis is coveted for its purifying properties and royal jelly, the most precious of the hive’s products, aids inflammation. Inspired by this new collection, Valmont is investing in 50 beehives in Switzerland to help save the bees, promote their awareness and incorporate them into their skincare products, all sustainably.