Il Profvmo is a high end Italian fragrance brand that is reinventing niche perfumery. Il Profvmo fragrances awaken the senses like a unique, personal ode to beauty. Timeless, they draw inspiration from Nature’s magic, crafted by the expert hands of their creator, Silvana Casoli. With her inventive spirit and botanical expertise, Silvana relies on artisanal methods to create new fragrances and unique elixirs. Winner of awards including the industry’s prestigious FIFI Award, Silvana does not use allergens in her creations. Il Profvmo fragrances stand out for their high concentration, their unforgettable bouquets and their resilience on the skin: up to 24 hours of sensory charm. Silvana and Il Profvmo have refreshed the work of perfume with their intense and sensual fragrances. Constant research and innovation underscore the beauty and originality of the line. Born in 1999, the brand’s first sensory masterpiece was born, Chocolat. Over the years, other fragrances have come into being true to the seductive power that exemplifies the brand’s values and appeal.

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