LALIQUE’s history is closely intertwined with perfume, which inspired founder Rene Lalique and his successors, Marc and Marie-Claude Lalique, to create some of their most beautiful designs. Rene created the very first perfume bottle in 1907 for his friend and perfumer, Francois Coty, revolutionizing the perfume industry. Rene created hundreds of perfume bottles for Coty and in the 1920’s and 30’s also worked with the greatest perfumers and fragrance houses of the time including Roger & Gallet, Molinard, Molyneux, D’Orsay, Worth and Forvi. More recently, the LALIQUE company has produced perfume bottles for Tom Ford and continues to produce the iconic L’Air Du Temps perfume bottle for Nina Ricci, a design featuring two crystal doves that was famously designed by Rene’s son, Marc Lalique.

Although Rene Lalique’s history was intimately linked to perfumery, it was his granddaughter, Marie-Claude Lalique, who launched the first eponymous fragrance for the brand in 1992, LALIQUE de LALIQUE. This initiative was the combination of genuine perfume creation with the unique know-how of LALIQUE’s crystal glassmaking. LALIQUE is the only brand that creates a new crystal bottle each year for the launches of each men’s and women’s fragrance lines. In addition, LALIQUE is the only brand that creates a limited edition crystal perfume bottle each year, inspired by a Rene Lalique design or motif. Since 1994, the creation of these limited, signed and numbered editions of collector’s flacons have become a highly anticipated annual event.